Opinions on this band? Saw them suporting Blind Guardian last night (who fucking owned by the way), and found them quite enjoyable. Made me think of a cross between Blind Guardian, Dio and W.A.S.P.
La mayyitan ma qadirun yatabaqqa sarmadi
Fa idha yaji' al-shudhdhadh fa-l-maut qad yantahi

Raptoral judgement upon all our sins
This placid island of ignorance
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yeah, they were supporting Guardian over here last night, but i stayed at the bar. id heard a handful of songs beforehand and not been overly impressed. Guardian ****ing owned. and i met Hansi before the gig
Saw them supporting Blind Guardian last night and they had fuck all stage presence. That said, their singer has a great voice, and they do have some decent enough riffs. Overall, they were quite boring though.

Blind Guardian kicked ass though.

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