Hey just got in a set of GFS Pups today and I was wondering what guage or size solder I should use to wire it up. Already have the gun, just need to know what solder to use. Thanks.
I thought you weren't supposed to use solder guns to solder pickups in case they demagnetised them.
Then what am I supposed to use? Screw it, I'll just ask Jay from Guitarfetish.
A soldering iron.

Chapter 3.0, the valley of doom!
What is a valley of doom? Something I should have mentioned at the outset of the pickup article. NEVER USE A SOLDERING GUN NEAR PICKUPS!!! Soldering guns are a powerful transformer that can weaken, and demagnetize certain magnets, that are commonly in used pickups. For an example, a soldering gun can erase most alnico magnets just as well as a tape eraser clears a recording tape.

From http://www.ultimateguitargear.com/ken_fischer_chapter3.htm
You'll probably want a thin solder for most things, too thick and it won't melt cleanly with a low wattage iron (which you normally use for pickup stuff.) I think my "general" solder is 0.9mm in diameter and my heavier duty stuff (for grounding things on amps/other random non-musical things) is around 2mm I think (probably 2.5mm thinking about it.) But I use a 70watt iron with that.

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A soldering iron, it's much smaller and less powerful.

EDIT: Wikipedia to the rescue.
"They typically produce from 50-200 W of heat. One disadvantage is the heat regulation is not very good; also the large bit is rather clumsy making it unsuitable for detailed work (i.e. electronic circuits)."

There isn't a friendly little quote that would be good for copy/paste, but it says that a soldering iron is ment for electronics.
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A gun is huge overkill.

I use a 30 watt for small stuff, and an 80 watt for soldering stuff to amp chassis.
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I doubt it will demagnetize pickups, unless your like soldering directly onto the pickup which you shodultn' be doing with a simple pup switch.

But just to stay on the safe side I use a 30 watt pencil iron, sodlering guns arent' recommended because they have the ability to stay hotter longer so in result they could potentially fry components if you kept it on too long.

anyways, just go to someplace that has sodlering irons, and there will probably be some coil of electrical sodler in a little platic tube. That's usually enough for a pup replacement. But if you plan to do more then get something thats rolled up into a spool. you can work with almost any thickness though

anyways I can't imagine a soldering gun having a transformer larger then stuff such as amps which we use close to your pickups constantly
A soldering gun won't demagnetize pickups either btw.
I'm not very active here on UG currently.
I'm a retired Supermod off to the greener pastures of the real world.
I don't know if he's only talking about large soldering guns here, but Mr Seymour Duncan doesn't agree with that opinion:

564. Can a large Weller or other soldering gun effect the sound a pickup?
The large coils used in several model soldering guns can demagnetize and change the polarity of the pickup. I always recommend using a soldering iron because they don?t have a large coil that can effect the pickup. When using a soldering gun, you can actually feel the pickup vibrate which can change the magnetic field.