No guitars are good for that much money
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No guitars are good for that much money

Pretty broad statement. Obviously you get what you pay for and the less you pay, the less quality you get. But IMO there are several models for $200. or less that are far from junk.
I'd recomend the Washburn, because of it's solid top. I also recently helped a friend pick out a beginner/budget guitar at GC. They don't sell Washburns which was what I had hoped to find. But after inspecting/playing all the guitars in the $100-$200. range, we settled on the Epiphone DR 150 @ $139. OTD. I am currently teaching this person to play and have had opportunity to play/hear the guitar often. And IMO the Epiphone DR 150 is a very worthy budget priced axe.
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Alvarez RD8 I believe is the model. Can get at guitar center for 175$ at the one near i live at and it comes with hardshell case. The guitar is very good but I believe its not solid top and if it's not then I dont recommend it.Ive played it and it sounds beautiful however when I did play it I was just messing around and didnt check for solid top.
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