Ok so my friend gave me a copy of cubase and i have guitar rig and when i plug the guitar into the computer(just using a jack converter) there is a slight delay....as in i play a note and a second later the note appears,it's very annoying....I'm using an onboard sound card so i'm getting a new one soon.Will that fix the problem?

Also i want to get something for recording like the pod or toneport or something....i don't really care about all the effects or what ever i just want to do some decent recording.
not sure about guitar rig, but the problem with the toneport is:

a) you will need to buy a separate mixer/xlr splitter to record drums
b)the software you get is a trial version, no more than four tracks and you can't save your work, but youc an use cubase
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Oh right well i'll just delete guitar rig then
Hehe thanks.So what can i buy besides a new sound card that will help me record songs are pretty much great quality.
Actually you dont have to delete guitar rig, im going to have a guess that your on board soundcard is an AC97. The problem you are experiencing is latency, but you cant reduce this to useable levels.

What you need to do is download free software called AISO4ALL which can be obtained at http://www.asio4all.com/ when Cubase is running go into its audio options, select advanced the AISO4ALL control panel will pop up within Cubase. What you need to do is change the buffer level using the slider on the bottom left. What to do is reduce the buffer level till you get a latency of around 3-4 milliseconds. Just experiment with the buffer level till its right, take it down in small sections and then play to see if it sounds okay....if you go to far and make the buffer too small the sound will over lap so you know to increase it a bit.

It will also help if you increase your sample rate as well, which can be done from the cubase audio options. Try increasing the sample rate from 44100 to 48000, this should help as well.

Remember that this software is cpu instensive, so you should shut down all other applications while using. Also Guitar Rig can be used as a standalone for playing and recording, it features tape decks for recording but also has a great looping unit for over dubbing as well.
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Wow thanks alot!But it still prob gives out crap recording...So back to my earlier question podxt,lineport or other?
I'll download the program later,thanks
Ummm no it doesnt give a crap recording...............it gives a kick ass recording. Buy a Pod or whatever you like, but its not really necesary as you have all you need already. Your only problem is latency, which can be sorted.

Before you say it gives a crap recording you should try it, cause you will be spending money you dont need to spend.
Ok so i got that program and it's working fine with guitar rig but i can't seem to use it in cubase....like i open guitar rig in cubase and no sound comes out i.e. there is no distortion if i turn on the distortion.Also the volume is very very low in cubase.
You should really read the instructions for cubase, all of the answers can be found there. Its been a number of years since i used Cubase, so this is coming from memory.

The low volume is due to the input levels that you have set up for cubase, you will need to adjust them. See the Help menu in Cubase on how to do this.

Make sure that you have clicked the monitor option within Cubase, its the little speaker icon to the right of the "record arm" button.

When you say that there is no distortion when you select it then that could be a number of things you are doing wrong. The most likley is that you have "AISO direct monitoring" selected, you need to untick this option. If that doesnt work then you will have to refer to the Help menu.

Dont ask me how to untick the "AISO Direct Monitoring" as i havent used Cubase in a long time and i am no-longer familiar with the menus.

If you still have issues with Cubase then you really should read the instructions for Cubase, refer to the Help menu/FAQ and also online Cubase specific forums (or the UG Recording forum).

The problem you have is not with Guitar Rig or your Soundcard, the problem is that you dont know how to use Cubase. If you cannnot be bothered putting in the effort to work out how Cubase works then its worth remembering that Guitar Rig has a built in tape deck that you can use to record, the recordings can then be exported as a WAV File. Guitar Rig also features an excelent Loop Machine that can be put into your Virtual Rack that will allow you to Overdub Layers of sound, the loops can be syncronised with the host or with a metronome tempo in stand alone mode, individual layers or a mix of all layers can then be exported as a WAV file. This would allow you to record your guitar parts in Guitar Rig then export them into cubase for editing, if you cant work out how to use Cubase for direct recording.
Try to plug your guitar into "mic in". But unless you have a preamp, is the way to go. Also you can try "amplitube", you can download a free demo on their page i think.
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