does it really matter how big your hand is, i was a bit worried because i couldn't get my little finger on the Am7 chord to go a bit lower to the end of the fret (i am using all 4 fingers and not barring), is stretching my finger to that fret is what i should keep practicing? if it is, is there any good stretching exercises?

Am7 Chord (Finger positions starting from the first fret)

l l l l 1 l
l l 2 3 l l
l l l l l 4
yea a lot of the time its just practice but big hands help a lot....also double joints in your hand
maybe so...maybe so young one.

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is there anyway to make your hands bigger through any stretching exercises or anything? and i think my hands are quite big
dip them in some sort of radioactive substance, or practice alot that should help
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yh i gt small fingers ant in the first week or so i could not play any open chords at all but by practice and magical fairies i can play all of them.
i am a perfectionist and if i hear the slightest buzz in my string i sit there for ages getting it perfect, i have to move my finger with my other hand to get it really perfect
I don't think so much it is big hands as it is long fingers when it comes to playing guitar. I guess they go together sometimes, but I think the real advantage would be to have long noodley fingers kinda like Steve Vai or Paul Gilbert. You do not have to have big hand to be a good guitar player, I don't, but it does help some.
It doesn't really matter how big your hands or fingers are. You can't change it, so why worry about it??
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^ Those are kind of a waste of money, if you have that much spare time to use that you should just play your guitar.
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Skin actually has quite a bit of give to it, so it's just the muscles that restrict you, and of course like any other muscle they can be stretched with time.
is stretching a matter of exercises, playing guitar or using a gripmaster on my fingers?
umm......... try this using your 1st finger for the 1st fret, 2nd finger for the 3rd fret and 4th finger for the 5th fret.

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dude you get the point.... 1,2 and 4 or 1,3,4. Actually do it both ways. An no not at the same time!
so basically you are saying, the more i play guitar, the more muscles will work hence they get bigger
No, not really. They will be able to do those things easier, stretch longer and stuff. They will become stronger and stretch easier, but not really get longer.
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Well unless your not full grown your fingers will never get bigger. But by doing that stretching exercise I tabed you will build more flexibility enabling you to stretch your fingers longer and with more strength and accuracy.
If it was all about size, there wouldn't be half as many guitarists as there are around. I thought I had stupid small fingers but with a big palm, but when I met Joe Satriani and shook his hand, I was shocked at how much smaller his hand was in comparison to mine, and he is one of the world's greatest!