Metal forum? Are you sure? There are reasonably heavy parts, but nothing I'd choose to call metal.
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Metal forum? Are you sure? There are reasonably heavy parts, but nothing I'd choose to call metal.

Well, Mother Earth and Silent Force are not their best metal moments. That's why I said their first release, "Enter".

Gothic / symphonic metal.
^ Oh well.

I don't have a favorite album. I found all three good to listen to, with The Silent Force being more mainstream and poppy wise.
Mother Earth was a little weak for me in some parts, lyrically, but I love the range Sharon den Adel's voice explores. It's like she doesn't sing too low and neither does she sing too high (for me, but I've got a vocal range of two and a half octaves so there ya go).

And...I dunno what to add to that.
Definetly Goth metal as much as it pains me to say so
Sorry I just read the first couple of posts ,anyway I don't like the band.
The only Goth I listen to and like is probably "Gothic" and a few songs from other artists.
i like them ive seen them twice theyre really good

i like mother earth and the silent force
theyre pretty different but i like them both
I saw them live opening for Iron Maiden
I was on my way and wasn't really expecting much to be honest, I just though Within Temptation would be another band too say I have seen live and nothing else
Too make a long story short I could of been kicked out after Within Temptation's set and I would of thought every penny I spent on the ticket and the hours I spent getting to the stadium were totally worth it
I actually spent the rest of both sets (A7X and Maiden) hoping Within would come back on lol
Haven't stoped listening to them since that day either XD
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I strangely like their sound :P
I don't like the more recent stuff, but i like Mother Earth and Enter.

It inspired me to start writing a story :P
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