Im getting a new guitar, i wanna start to get into blues, and what not. I assume a semihollow body guitar would be best for bluesy type music. I saw a Ibanez Artcore, for 349.99. Have any of you guys ever used this guitar before. If so aer they good. I have an Ibanez now and all the frets are like dead, when I play over them they make a, like a muted sound, sounds like crap, i dont wanna get a guitar that all the frets go dead in 2 weeks. Thanks
well your action is off or your neck is warped, either way check it out. As for the Ibanez Artcore it's decent when I played it and my friend finally decided to get the Epiphone Dot which was a lot more mellow and bluesy. Also what amp do you have?
I have a, Ibanez Tone Blaster 25

Oh and i was thinking about getting a screamin blues effect pedal, by digitech.
Id reccomend a strat with SSS, or a nice semi-hollow like a dot or an casino
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You need one of these!!!
Just joking, but you should probably look into geting a fender hot rod deluxe amp as well as a new guitar.
An try this guitar....
http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Gretsch-Guitars-G5120-Electromatic-Hollow-Body-with-DualCoil-Pickups?sku=513282 READ THE REVIEWS!!!! Especially the first where its compared to the artcore.
Get a Fender Fat strat for that budget.
Behringerv-tone(first guitar)
Epiphone les paul standard plus (cherry burst)
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I like Epi LP's. You got a problem, PM me!
Buy an Epi Dot, Casino or Sheraton.
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do i need a tremolo?

That a matter of preference really.......So try one and see if you like it.