Does anyone have any experience with a Ibanez GSZ120. Im still a beginner but Im wondering if more people can tell me more about the guitar then my neighbour ^^ Like, playability, quality, modifications that are advised, stuff like that ?

It looks like a nice guitar and Ive read alot of good about it. But I want to collect a little more opinions before making the buy

( lots of fuss about Ibanez here by the way )
Here's an opinion: try the damn thing.
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sorry, kid, but nothing a sep 2006'er says is gonna pwn a Aug 2005'er

That's just the way it is (hangs head in shame and accepts fate)
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sorry, kid, but nothing a sep 2006'er says is gonna pwn a Aug 2005'er

Didnt come here to flame, but yes. The 'veterans' shouldn't need to listen to the noobs right :')
yeah bitch make me a sandwich
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It's generally not the best idea to buy any Ibanez guitar that starts with G (GSZ, GRG, GAX, GRX). It's a definitive first guitar, and if you are serious about playing, you will likely want to upgrade it soon. Basically, G series are made of materials that remain from the production of more expensive instruments, and the assembly quality is to match the materials.

Considering that the GSZ120 costs something like $200, you'd be better off with a model like RG321, which can be had for around $250, but offers much more quality and features.
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yeah, listen to pifty, we dec '05ers know what we're talking about. he's right about the G prefix for the model, and the RG321 is a much better guitar.
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