Hi,lads! Here is a link to the recording of my jam with one guy. On this track I play the guitar and my friend plays piano. The only effects I used here were some distortion with A LOT of delay. If you listen to it, you'll here some strange sound at the very biginning of the track. This "clock-ticking" sound was actually made by pushing the pickup selector toogle back and forwards. I got to consider that this recording has FAR NOT THE BEST quality (it was recorded on dictaphone) and pretty big size (4745 KB)
If you have such a possibility, I'd be really thankful and grateful to you if you would listen to it. As to me, this is probably the best jam I have ever had in my life (however, friendly speeking, I didn't have a lot of jams yet). PLEASE, LISTEN TO IT!!! A realize that this track is much longer than usual ones, but I need to know your opinion. As I said, this recording has a "dictaphone"quality, however, it is well-made anyway.

Link to this track: http://download.yousendit.com/3037B2D4607769BF