Hi, I knocked this together about 3 months ago just to try out a new sound card and some new software. It took about 2 hours to do and is an improvised piece. I was off work with a knackered back at the time hence the title! I'd love some critical input as I am thinking of making something of this piece in the near future. Ta.

Dude that song is pretty kick ass. Each part seems pretty catchy / blends together well. Theres not really anything negative i can say about it. If i had to pick a way to make it better though i think it would be to change up the piano piece a bit at least once.
Cheers for that. I literally composed the whole thing as I went along. I was trying out Audacity (the open source and free recording studio software) for some students at the college I work at and thought it would be a good way to see what it could do so there is very little post production on there. I agree with you about the "piano" part (its actually a loop of some Japanese string instrument!) and I will do something about that if I record this piece properly. I was also going to put a middle section in with a different feel to it.

I've had a listen to your piece and posted feedback for it.
Haha thats great. Love the jumpy bassline, reminds me of Flea from the Chillis.
Is that a banjo?

Nice lead skills as well mate.
It's put together well, and works well as a solo guitar piece. My only real complaint is that your lead tone lacks warmth.