Hi, I just want to show you this.

It's a McFLY video (but that's not why I want you to see it), where you can see the band playing live their cover Don't Sto Me Now (Wembley). I know most of you hate McFLY and their covers, but please watch the video, you won't be sorry. Just wait until the solo part of the song.

McFLY's performance.

And this is what Brian May says about McFLY, the performance, their cover, and more:


I had a fantastic time with Mc fly last night. At the new refurbished Wembley Arena (now with no pool underneath). These guys are so young, but so accomplished. They really do a magnificent show ... it's totally entertaining and totally pro .... their skill in pure musicianship and contact with the audience would put many 'respectable' older rock bands to shame ... They play to a very young audience right now (though huge!), but any serious rock fan who snuck in there could not fail to be impressed. I went on to do an "apparition" - zooming up out of one of their Traps (they have many!) rising through the floor of their stage. We had a great time doing "Don't Stop Me Now" - which of course they recently made a no.1 hit - Freddie must be smiling broadly - and some - erm - aeroplane noises - from me, followed by a rendition of one of McFly's Greatest Riffs ... 5 Colours [In Her Hair] ..... and this is the first time I've actually EXITED down a trap! A bit like the Wicked Witch of the West! (More of THAT a little later!).
Thank you McFly, Danny, Tom, Dougie and Harry - it was an honour !
P.S. this appearance was a kind of return visit ... the McFly guys came and did a great turn in the Dominion in the special Freddie Birthday night of WWRY, a couple of weeks ago .... and tore the place apart ! Good on 'em ! So I was happy to return the favour ! Wow - their audience can scream! That noise as I stepped forward is still ringing in my ears ... !

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They also recorded My Generation with Roger Daltrey, who said great things about them too. If they don't mind McFLY cover their songs why do people get so annoyed?

I like this band, I think they aren't respected becouse they are just "new and young", and there are a lot of new and young bands, so this seems to be one more, but I don't think so. If we wait, in a few years they will be bigger, and it's obvious they are better each day.

Sorry if I made mistakes, my English isn't what we call "good".
Meh, you'll probably get flamed for this. Not a fan of their music but they seem like nice guy's in interview's and stuff. Its a sweet video just to see Brian though
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So what. Most 50 year-olds know jack about what modern music is actually good.
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Well, it's better than their cover of Pinball Wizard, that was really annoying, all their voices just grated at me.

I don't like the way he shouts the lyrics rather than singing them.

And I suppose it's better than their original songs.
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with this i just wanted to say they arent a bad band, becouse there are a lot of people who hate them, and all the respect they dont have now they will have to have it in a few years if they keep on working like now, i think they are better each day, and people as brian may and roger daltrey has worked with them, i dont know, that's all

(sorry, im really bad at english!)