hi, i'm currently in the market for a custom bass, or even a stock bass if it meets the requirements. what i'll be looking for is a fretless 4-string that'll be good for funk and jazz style playing. preferrably in the under CA$700 range. does anybody know of some good companies for that sort of thing? and it's not a huge thing, but i'd prefer if it was a Canadian company too just to save on shipping and whatnot. if not Canadian then American will do. i've been playing for 6 years now and i already have an Ibanez SG 6-string (my Squier beginner bass is now sold off), so between that and this new one, i don't want to have to buy a new bass for quite some time, so it's gotta be solid and quality.

i've looked at wishbass.com, and it seems like they make some nice instruments for pretty cheap, has anybody bought anything from them?

any help or testimonies will be greatly appreciated, thanks alot.
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