Ah, I see that your a beatles fan?? And british?? I like the piano man, cool rythem to it. Did you layer your voice or are there two singers?
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Corks! Never thought I'd hear the bastard son of Gilbert O'Sullivan and John Lennon on the Internet but you you've done it. You guys are fabulous! Balamoosh is marvellous stuff! Maybe a touch of Leo Sayer doing a John Otway impression whilst pissed up in there too These are all meant to be compliments!!! Hey and I LOVE the dog poo song. You guys need to put out an album. Long live John Peel cos he'd have played your stuff.

Technical ability 6/10
Songwriting skills 9/10
Does Humour Belong in Music skills 10/10
Overall Knobblykneez rating 9/10
Hey man...Its been a while. Oh man!! everytime I hear you guys it gets better and better! I love it!! You guys (whether you know it or not) have really got something special going on there. The way you put songs together is phenomenal!! I hear strong Stone Roses and Oasis influences??Am I Wrong?? Defenetely Beatles.. Which Is Awesome.....The music world needs a good kick up the hole.......keep it going guys.

Is it Sunday? Cause my latest piece of Holy Shit is at https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=437202 if uve time for an aul crit.
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Man it sounds like the beatles!

I like the layering on your voice, and I like the rytham, really upbeat. I think you have a good voice, although it kind of emulates The Beatles, I just think you should find your own style, don't get me wrong it doesn't sound bad, quite good in fact, but your own style would really put your stamp on it. I like the lyrics too, and the Deu Diowwwww, at the end
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It does a nice fusion of Lennon/McCartney songwriting stuff. The piano style is very upbeat Macca style, while the melody and vocal style and the lyrics are very Lennonesque.

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i saw a band like this last night. Comedy music doesn't really do it for me, but i appreciate this for its songwriting skills. nice one.

HAHA i dig it man! you can actually hear the Beatles influence and to me that is always a good thing! its got a great feel and its not just funny but rather catchy! is it a midi piano and drums?
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You always get me, man. I might suggest you do the bassline again, some of the notes were a little off. Violence and fat jokes will get you everywhere with me. I always get amazed by your ability to rip off the Beatles without making it sound tired and gay (Jet, Oasis).

Crit me now.
dude, you really are amazing. i remember listening to your stuff a year ago and was blown away. good to see you are still at it. i don't think there's really anything to criticize or any compliment that hasn't been given. nice work. now i am going to listen to all your other songs.

thanks for critting my song. i posted another here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=8931119#post8931119 please check it out if you have a chance.