Anyone else on UG into this type of stuss? I got into it through the Beastie Boys and their albums Check Your Head and Ill Communication and Ive been listening to a lot of bands such as Medeski Scofield Martin and Wood as well as Drop Trio. Its awesome stuff and great music to just chill out to.
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um sir... arn't the beastie boys hip hop?
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um sir... arn't the beastie boys hip hop?
yea but on Check your head and Ill communication they also played a few jazz type instrumentals wwhich I really liked. My favorite is called Groove Holmes.
I'm a rockstar without the skills, fame, or income.

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Get Miles Davis's album On the Corner.
You might also like Soulive and Roy Hargrove's band The RH Factor.
Instrumental Funk-Jazz....
Herbie Hancock is a good start, but you should have headhunters already. Thrust is the other album Herbie did with the headhunters, and Man Child is good too. Incognito also did a good funk-jazz album.
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Jeff Beck - Blow by Blow, and Wired

Those albums are awesome, some of the best funk fusion stuff out there.
anything by the time lapse consortium
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Any bands you're trying to copy/sound like?
Some of John Scofields stuff is like that.
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ya herbie hancock is awesome at funk/jazz
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John Scofield has 2 albums that he recorded with MMW, A GOGO and the new one Out louder, you'd also like Uberjam, Up All Night and Bump by him. Also check out Outbreak by dennis chambers.
MMW led me to Soulive which led me to Karl Denson's Tiny universe, which lead me to happiness....and relentless headbobbing
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Try Praxis's Transmutation it's right up your ally.
EDIT: Found a video. The video doesn't do the song justice. The song on the album is about 7 minutes long.

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