hello everyone , ive been playing guitar for about 1 and a half years. I own a les paul elitist and a behringer lx 112 . I love both of them and they were worth every penny. But im having a really hard time getting a really nice sounding clean out of it. It seems to do really well with distortion , it just has problems with the clean aspect of it . Though ive only been playing for a year and a half, Im quite good for the amont of tiem i have been playing , So i am not a stupid newbie or anything , im jsut asking for some common les paul clean settings are any advice to eq my amp.

Allright , thansk in advance
Well, you should have clean on the clean channel, but I guess that's not quite working for you. I have a Les Paul Classic and if I want to cut just a bit of distortion, I roll off the volume knobs a little bit which should cut some of the gain, but it isn't anything drastic. I'm not sure what exactly you are looking for, as in, do you not get clean tones (ie they are distorted) or you don't like the tones you are getting? If you are just looking for good tone I set the tone on either pickup to about 4-8 for nice cleans- not too bright, but not too dull. Perhaps I had initially read the question wrong? Anyways, hope this helps.
well my amps a modelling amp , so its hard to find a nice clean model i think , but ill try your advice
Its not really when im playing individual notes persay , its chords
open ones are fine
its just some barrre ones that soudn ... well crappy
Out of curiousity, did rolling off the volume knob help? Hearing that it is multiple note issues, I'd say rolling off the volume should help?
Try not scooping the mids when the sound is clean. I never scoop my mids, but when its clean you should turn them up even more.
An LPs a pretty powerful guitar. That amp setting would probably sound fine for most any other guitar but an LP kinda thunders. Lowering the guitar volume and perhaps rolling off some bass on the amp might also be helpful.

I don't know if these would work for you but I have a Behringer GMX212 and they do fine by me.

Drive 10
Amp Tweed
Mode clean
Spkr US
Low 5
Mid 3.5
High 6
Level 10
Preset 2
try the blues sound with the gain sucked out of it, ive played thru a behringer a few times and had the same problem the cleans are all mushy just roll around the tone till you get what you want
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