Started out with the riff, which I liked, and eventually ended up writing a whole song based on the simple chord progression. I haven't recorded the whole song yet; this is just the intro .

Still, I'm really interested to see whether others would like this or not.


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Nice, I really like the backwards guitar effect, very trippy.
Song could have some more chords, but what the hey, it was good.
To make it sound more spanish, put a few more minor chords in there as well as a half step descent between the last two chords.
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... ah, the bliss of ignorience!
^ Cool; I seem to have good luck whenever I try playing guitar parts in reverse
Ah i loved this. I've always really liked spanish sounding songs... some of the lead guitar gets a bit shabby in parts but nothing too noticable. I like the parts with low tone and when the reverse guitar comes in, cool stuff.

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I love Spanish guitar, could do with some more variation, in chords I mean, I really envy the way you've done the backwards guitar, I 've been trying to do that for ages. You seem to have got it right, would sound better with the correct sounding vocals.
Oh yeah I liked the ending too.
Nice one.

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I think i heard a couple bad notes in the solo, but other than that it was pretty good. I also enjoyed the reversed guitar, one small jumbly part in there, but overall i liked it.

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