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Posted on Wednesday, September 27, 2006 at 12:27:57

Even though their respective managements have not officially released any information, Rafabasa webzine in Madrid, Spain is reporting exclusively that starting in June, 2007 there will be a reunion tour of a group going by the name HEAVEN & HELL.

At this time, there are no dates confirmed, but the tour booking agent is offering the band to the promoters of the most important heavy metal festivals taking place next year.

Under the name Heaven & Hell you will find TONI IOMMI, RONNIE JAMES DIO, GEEZER BUTLER and BILL WARD.

Evidently if everything is confirmed, they will be playing a set consisting of music from every single CD that Ronnie James Dio performed with BLACK SABBATH, to include Heaven & Hell, Mob Rules, Live Evil and Dehumanizer.

The reunion cannot tour under the name Black Sabbath, or BLACK SABBATH WITH DIO, due to the fact that the copyright of the name is the property of OZZY OSBOURNE and his wife/manager Sharon Osbourne.


Does anybody know anything more about this? I want a second more reliable source other than just some spanish magazine before I go apeshit over it.
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dude that is soo awesome....... Heaven and Hell is my fave Black Sabbath album by far....... Dio is amazing
They better hit the states!
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dude that is soo awesome....... Heaven and Hell is my fave Black Sabbath album by far....... Dio is amazing

My thoughts exactly, that'd pwn. Dio > Ozzy, especially now, since Ozzy can barely spell his own name.
I would love to see that. Dio rocks. \m/
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cool news; delighted they're forming under a name other than Black Sabbath tho. Sabbath 0 = Iommi, Geezer, Ward, and Ozzy. classic Sabbath line-up FTW
Ozzy is Sabbath's lead singer, they're not sabbath without his vocals. But he is a lifeless shell of his former self (not that he was that good before but you know), this is much better than paying good money to watch Ozzy ruin Sabbath's classic songs. Dio- Sabbath is pretty good anyway.
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