Hey, I was wondering if anyone had the time and patience to tab out a song for me. It's a cover of House of the Rising Sun by a band called the unpronounceable. They're a really decent jazz band, but I can't make out a single bit of the guitar in this piece. Here's the song as posted on their site: the unpronounceable . If anyone could give me a hand, it'd be greatly appreciated.
Why do House of the rising sun covers never sound like House of the Rising sun :b
the first part in the original song starts out with an Am chord. from there it goes to C, D, F, Am,E, Am. it's easiest to sweep up the chord and then down pick the top three notes. once you figure out the chords it's eay to figure out the fest of the song. the origonal can't be that much different than the unpronouncables version.