Yup, new guitar, i know you get ****loads of these so I'm going to keep it simple.

Body: Alder or Mahogany
Pickups: H-H
Bridge: Stop tail/Hard Tail
Music: Metal/Blues
Price Range: $500 (usd)
Amp: Roland Cube 60
Current guitar: Plywood Strat copy.
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youre asking for a guitar that suits your... err... limits?

epiphones i guess... $500.
or agiles... very cheap for its tone...
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Hmmm, how does a Schecter C-1. Any model would probably do. Mahogany body, Set neck, HH Duncans would be better than say EMGs since you want to play blues and TOM string thru.
They go from ~$500 to 600.
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Umm, this is WAY under budget, but the RG321MH maybe?...extra money could be used for a pro set up and new pickups?...or you could check out the RGT models (hardtail ones)...but i think they may be a little over 500, i dont know
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Epiphone SG G-400 I'd say...

That fits pretty much everything you require.
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