Ok guys, this is my very first attempt at singing. I'm looking for tips on my voice and on my playing as well. Every sound you hear is made by me. The drums and strings come from a key board and the lead and rhythm guitar comes from a guitar, obviously. I wrote this song also. So please give me some tips.. however a few things I already know:
-Lead playing is boring and occasionally hits a sour note
-I know the quality is bad, I'm not rich.
-I suck at singing.. come on people its my first try
-You have body odor... yes I know

so if you have suggestions other than those please do share.

Thanks, ya you have some great riffs and sounds like keyboard/guitar in there, the singings pretty good, justa few places its a little off, but i get what your idea is with the sining at its a good idea.
To be honest, I listened this just so I could figure out what the hell "post-hardcore" means. Turns out it's just... emo.

So yeah, I don't think I should comment on this, because I might be a little harsh.

I will say that the end is best part, though. I'd suggest making the vocals a bit fuller, instead of having an echo on them.