Whats up with a VOX AD50VT Valvetronix-Do I have to replace the valves every 2 years? If so how much does it cost to replace them on this model? What exactly are valves - Are they a tube like preamp coupled with a SSL unit? Valves are not true tubes are they?

Does anyone like / dislike this amp? Can I get by playing this amp with a crapy drummer until I can afford what I want - A true A-1 Tube amp (bling Bling)?

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Valves are tubes. Same thing, different name. Ill let others explain, Im gunna go grab something to eat lol.
The Valvetronix series are hybrid (part solid state/part tube). I'm gonna go get something to eat also and let another person explain.
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You will need to replace them every year or so email vox for more info like what to buy and how.
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oh brilliant..ive learnt something new thanks man!