sweeping is the most frustrating thing for me i dont know how long it took everyone how to learn it but i try it for a ight then get pisse and try to pick it up a week later... any tips??? other than practice more
Start slowly, try to synchronize. Do exercises for first, 3 strings then 4, then 5, then whole. SYNCHRONIZE!!
honestly, i dont think there is advice any more effective on this topic than practicing arpeggio sweeps SLOWLY, you need to work on hand coordination.
Yeah, synchronize work first, slowly, very slowly it won't even sound like a sweep at first but you can't go fast untill you can roll your fingers right.
Add more strings as you get better, also it'll take a good 2 years of good practice or so before you can sweep well/fast...
Remember that the more you don't practice correctly the longer it'll take to learn. Don't make that mistake.
*shrugs* I don't know...