the deal with me is, my guitar skills are modestly efficient, but i dont know crap about equipment. pretty much every thread i read says any guitar you get should have the stock pickups replaced. however, not having the same guitar with every type of pickup imaginable on it to try out makes it hard for me to know what the hell to do if i want to replace my pickups, and im pretty sure im not going to find a shop full of pickups that will let me keep swapping them out until i find the ones i want. so, how do i figure out the right pickups to get for my guitar, and how do i get more experience in this area? how did everyone else learn all this crap? i assume you all dont each own 100 guitars?
well, i got lucky and liked my stock pickups, if you like them don't replace them
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pick a sound that you want then go look aroudn for pickups that promise it. then read reviews/try them and compare them to others that promise the same thing.