I have been playing acoustic guitar for 3 years and I am making the move to include electric guitar. I know that it is ridicules for me to ask anyone else what's the best guitar for me as the specific guitar model I find easiest to play with the best tone for the price would not be the same for the next person, but that being said I would like to know if you have ever owned / played these models and how you personally feeling about them, If the cost is reasonable, or If you know any known specific defect in these models. Feel free to trash my choice's and call me stupid, but at least tell me why you feel that way.

I could easily afford a top of the line model and the little devil in me says buy the best, but I don't think that's a practical choice for me at my experience level so I am opting for a decent entry level used electric for $350-$450. I like to play all styles and am looking for a guitar that will be versatile. When I settle on studying a specific style of music I will buy a top of the line guitar for that style of music.

Here is list of the four guitars in order I find easiest to play with the best features that are available at my local music shops.

1) Fender Showmaster - Mint condition - maple ( true duncan hummbucker pickups, Asian made, no case) - 2nd easiest to play, best looking/condition - $400

2) ESP Horizon - Blue - Body edges are nicked badly (all cosmetic damage but looks bad, neck is fine, standard ESP hardware, with hardcase) - Easiest to play - $400

3) Schecter Elite - Mint condition - Tealblue - ( ducan design pickups, looks great, decent hardware for the money, with hardcase) - 4th easiest to play (On the low E and A strings I seem to stumble for some reason) - $350

4) Ibanez 550 92' - Black - Good condition ( standard Ibaenz hardware, with gig bag) - 3rd easiest to play - $429

While I know a true musician would not care if the guitar looks bad as long as it sound great, I would prefer when I get it out in front people they say - that's a fine looking guitar instead of, what's wrong with that ? Am I shallow for feeling this way?

Thanks for your time!
Jay Lyons
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get the esp definitely if its the easiest for you to play
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I would lean heavily towards the Fender, but I am really fender's bitch. On the plus side, fender has a better long term resale value. I also think it would get the best tone. If there is a huge difference between the ease of play on the Fender compared to the ESP, get the ESP.
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Yeah, if you think one is easier to play than the others, than definitely go with that one.
If the difference between the Fender and ESP, as far as playibility is concerned, is not too great I would get the Fender. Fenders are very well built and have a "transferrable warranty." This is important because you are buying used, and god knows what previous owners have done to those guitars. So, if the ESP breaks, its up to you to foot the bill. If the Fender breaks, and it appears to be a factory defect, then, most likely, you wont pay a dime. Plus, the Fender is less likely to have any problems at all, unlike the ESP. My cousin bought a used ESP, and had to take it in not long after buying it. Then again, if there is a large difference in playibility, then go with the ESP.
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If the ESP is the easiest to play for you--go get it! It's your preference dude, good luck buying it!
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Yeah - The ESP was so easy to play man and my scales ran like cake, but it looks like someone took the guitar by the neck and shoved the body in a wood chipper about 8 times. Seriously there are 8-10 deep nicks, gouges all around the back curve of the body to varying degrees, done over with touch up, I am not sure what actually happened to it or how this will affect the quality of the sound if any? I will say that the pro I trust at the guitar store after realizing I knew my stuff and blew of the junk went to the ESP first (looking bad and all) then the fender. I must add that the fender plays very close to the ESP, look %100 better and has true Duncan pickups for the same price/no case. I guess I need to run them both thru the same amp tomorrow to see If I can tell a difference.

I am still undecided, please keep the information coming


check the truss rod first !!

The Schecter is supposed to be of good quality and playability, check it's string action and adjust it to your liking.... or perhaps the truss rod

Test each guitar through a CLEAN AMP, preferably a JC 120, test it's sounds, choose the one you like the most.

Test it through a dirty channel, preferably a Roland CUbe or a Vox Valvetronix, test, choose your fave !!

Check the frets, are they rusted, check the pots of the knobs, make sure the machine heaed works in tune, check for any finish imperfections.......

Oh yeah, choose humbuckers for heavier music !!

Choose one, stick with it, buy a good tube amp, God Bless You
Tone is all ...... well probably 75%, in your fingers.
The rest depends on your wallet's thickness !!

Keep the faith, baby!!
Remember: you can always make the strings closer to the fretboard by adjusting the truss rod. See if the people at the store will let you do that, change up the string height so it's close to the fretboard, but has little/no fret buzz. But overall- go for the one that feels right.
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I am going to go with a new Fender Showmaster FVT HH for $449 from guitartrader. Has anyone bought from them before and do the mahufactures cover there warnette from this site? My local music store says no, but they say yes.
hey dude, start off with a strat guitar and make sure u pick a colour u like if u get the chance. Also buy a good amp, ur probs not going to be doing any gigs yet so just buy a practice 10-15 watt amp. Hope this is ok. Save the rest of ur money to upgrade on stuff in the future, you will need it.
You said "true" musicians shouldnt care what a guitar looks like as long as it sounds good, that's just not true! One of the first things you should look for if you go into a shop to get a guitar is if it catches your eye. If you don't like the look of your guitar, or how you look playing it, you're not going to want to play it as much. Buy the guitar that feels the best but make sure you like the way it looks too, it's almost equally important, don't think "true guitarists" are above natural feelings like vanity. You've got yourself a fine list of axes. Whichever decision you make should make you happy.
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If ESP's is the easiest to play, go for it. I mean, if it's a real ESP, it should sound damn good, so if it plays great too, you're set.
My personal opinion: You should go for the horizon, it is one heck of a guitar even though it might be scratched. Aren't horizons usually $1500+? That's a great deal!
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if you have an amp be sure to take it with you or play the guitar threw the same amp. cuz a guitar is going to sound 100000000 times better going through a JCM 800 apposed to a Peavey Rage 15 watt
Yeah, LTDs are %^&*((*&^ compared to real ESPs !!
Tone is all ...... well probably 75%, in your fingers.
The rest depends on your wallet's thickness !!

Keep the faith, baby!!

Thanks for all your input. I have decided on a New Schecter C-1 Clasic and a VOX AD30VT amp for bedroom practice. When I pick my style to play I will get a top of the line model guitar for that style, The Schecter will be my back up, and I will get a marshall tube half-stack for band pratice/gigs.

See....... I knew you would take the Schecter !!!
Tone is all ...... well probably 75%, in your fingers.
The rest depends on your wallet's thickness !!

Keep the faith, baby!!

Yeah I know, I guess I am a ho for a good value. Seriously now that I have taken this guitar home and gotten giggy with it I freakin love it! Its Christmas in September baby!

It is Choice for the money, I highly recommend getting one if you can:O)

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