I'm going to buy a new guitar, and money is an option. The guitar has to have a locked trem though. The Ibanez RG370DX comes with a locked Edge 3 bridge, and is $360. The RGT42 comes with a Edge Pro 2 bridge and is $700. I was wondering which one I should get, and what the differences are between the Edge 3 and the Edge Pro 2. Thanks.
I would go with the RGT42, because i own it (and it is sexy) and because it is mahogany, and in my opinion, mahogany sounds way better than basswood. Its up to you man.
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for about 50 bucks more than the RGT42 you can get an RG1570, with the good edge trem system (always forget if its the Edge Pro or the Lo Pro), and a case and its a freaking prestige, unless you really really hate the finish options.
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