ive been looking at the zvex seek wah for a little while and i was wondering what u guys think about it. im pretty sure im going to get it but i was just wondering on what yall thought of it.

also im in the market for a new amp (im selling my half stack, peavey mace 160 watt all tube head with an avatar 4x12 cab with G12 75s in it) because it is too loud for a versitle combo tube amp.

and im looking for the craziest pedals you can get, hence y im looking at the seek wah. ( i already have the blue box and i love it). so any ideas suggestions please tell me.

i play a bunch of differnt styles such some metal, classic rock, modern rock, RATM, Incubus, radiohead, mogwai and just started getting into blues and jazz. basicly i want pedals that are good for experimental type rock such as mogwai and radiohead
i just realized i never really said what my questions were

1. has anyone ever used the seek wah or any z vex pedals before? and if so what is it like

2. what kind of amp would be good for the music im playing, also if you are intrested in buying my amp pm me DONT post any questions about it here i will not answer any questions about my amp in this fourm since it is agianst rules.

3 any other freaky pedals that can get really cool sounds that yall no about?

thanks for the help
yea the seek wah is awesome...for ONE song an entire gig. its tedious to play wiht the settings, and you do get tired of the sound after a while.
for a versatile tube combo amp, look into rivera amps. you can get used chubsters at a great price, and even new they are a great deal--awesome cleans, awesome crunch, beautiful lead sounds, and can do metal with an eq pedal easily.

ive used a fuzz factory before, and all i can say is i dont know if my ears have recovered yet from this one incredibly loud screeching noise that went on for about 10 seconds getting higher and higher in pitch until i couldnt hear it anymore (but i felt it like vibrating my guts--dogs for miles around were probably bleeding from their ears). i also havent played a sho or super duper, but i heard the super duper on full can literally kill
My good friend has the Fuzz Face, holy **** you can get some weird sounds out of that thing. Liek Mr. Vex said himself, "Good luck figuring this thing out!" After a couple of weeks tho, he has some really good sounding settings figured out.
^i love the fuzz face!
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