well ive only played for 2 weeks but ive been very dilegent in practicing. atleast 3 hours a day. im pretty good at picking single notes while playing tabs and i can get from fret to fret without really looking but i cant play anything that requires strumming. alot of the easy tabs i wanna learn require strumming. is there any excersice or something i can practice. ??? thanx for answering stupid q's!
getting the chords off the internet then listening to the song and figureing out the strumming pattern
whenever you ask any guitar help related question, there's a 99.9% chance that this will be the answer...

just keep trying, it will eventually come.
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try an up adn down motion. for different strumming patterns do like a pendelum swinging action with your pick hand. keep swinging it up and down but only strum when you need to, helps keep the timing and whatnot.
yeh just get chords to heaps of songs n work out the right strumming paterns and when to change n sutff, also just get heaps of tabs n work ur way from teh easy stuff up to the hard stuff. ive been doin that for a bit over a year, i dont know a single thing about music, but when anyone hears me play guitar they say that im awsum