can someone give me there opinion on a Peavey Valve King Head

and im getting a new head soon and these are what im looking at

Krank - Krankenstien
Peavey - 6505+
Mesa - Triple Recto

can anyone please help me out with which one to get, I play mostly Death/Black metal

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i advise the mesa dual recto, it's an extremely versatile head and can play any style you want it to. i bought it over every other head out there, i prefer it over the triple recto but the triple was a close 2nd, there's not a lot of difference between the two.
i wasn't a big fan of the peavey 6505+, but i did like the krankenstien, it just wasn't versatile enough for my liking. (play metal, rock, blues, grunge, and stuff from bands like chimaira and A7X, and it suited the heaveir stuff very well)

hope this helps
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