hey guys,
a new song here please crit - as always, i'll do c4c
Sleight of Hand.zip
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The Search [GP5] C4C
wow kudos.
the solo was ok, felt like i didnt go anywhere tho
the ending was def the best with the drum beat and stuff
good job
That's pretty cool. I'm kind of the opposite of becker009. I liked the solo, and I thought you could do without the bass drum going crazy at the end. Other than the bass drum, I thought the stuff at the end was cool, though. Overall, nice simple yet cool song.

Thanks for critting my stuff, by the way.
Pretty nifty song, upbeat and sounds cool. Does get a little repetitive after a while. just a lil bit. i really like the chorus, reminds me of a jimi hendrix type thing. i didnt really feel the solo that much, didnt hit me that hard.

pretty good job, 7/10
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Nice intro, I think the slide added to it well. The main riff/chorus sounded great, had a great rythmn to it. The verse's weren't the best but I suppose with vocals they wouldn't matter as much.
Personally I loved the solo, I thought it suited the song perfectly. The bass drum was a bit annoying at the end but other than that nice work.
It was a bit short, you could probably add to it. It had a nice pace and beat to it which I really liked.

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cool!, i really liked it, nice drums and bass line, the song flow its good. what i didnt like was the riffs after the intro, maybe it's for the bass to outstand, but you should change them. still grrreat job.