I have The Canada Project but it dont have song titles, just whoevers freestylin' on the track. Sixtoo and Buck65 on it too. Class stuff though.
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I got 'A Healthy Distrust'. Some of it isn't so hot but some I really like. The Legion of Doom mash-up between him and DC is quite good too.
Sage Francis is one of my favourite rappers. 'Personal Journals' is brilliant.
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Never got into him....
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Favorite rap artist ever. I think Non-Prophets is my favorite right now.

Man, whoever showed him to you has awesome taste in music and must be pretty Goddamn attractive, too.
I hadn't heard of him until coming in to this thread; the stuff on his myspace is pretty good.
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Oh man. absolutely amazing. I <3 Sea Lion.
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Nothing against him, I just can't get into angry white boy rap.
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Haven't really checked him out till now, but I like what I hear.
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I'd have to say he's probably my favorite rapper right now. I just love the lyrics on most of his songs and he has a pretty unique delivery. Personal Journals is a great album.
ive been meaning to listen to him for a while. i listened to the stuff on his myspace. he seems pretty good. im gonna have to listen to some more of his work.

i'll be seeing him live on July 28th at Rock the Bells.
He's gonna be at Rock the Bells too?!!?


I need to go to this.

Sage is ****ing powerhouse MC.
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