Ok, so I have a Fat strat and I have just bought myself a DiMarzio Super Distortion. I have taken off the pick guard and have looked where the existing wires go for the original hummbucker. Colours are Black, white, red and green. The black and wihite wires are soldered together to a connection on the 5 way selector switch. The green wire is soldered on its own to a connector on the 5 way swtich too. Lastly, the red wire is soldered on its own to the top potentiometer. I'm confused because I have read the instructions for standard humbucking series wiring that came with my new pickup. It says the black and white wires should be soldered together and just taped over the connection. It also says the red wire must be soldered to the hot connection (is this the same place as my old humbucker?) and it says green and bare wire are soldered to ground. This is confusing me cos it seems to be completely different to the way it is currently connected. Please can someone help me out?

Thanks in advance
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Ive figured it has to be connected in the same way as before (phase switching?) but the colours on the fender represent different wires on the DiMarzio. I came across a website that said this:

Fender - DiMarzio

Red = Green
Black = White
Green = Red
White = Black

This right?
Can you take a pic of your conections and post it up cause im kinda lost the way you explained it.
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