i was thinkin about this the other day, what band/artist do you think has great quality and equalizing? i think pink floyd , and for some songs tom petty. when i here tom petty's "breakdown", it sounds so perfect.

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listen to some old Iron Maiden.what you get on the album is exactly what you would hear live
now that's a real recording
I always admired "Appetite for Destruction" I thought that album was mixed perfectly, they all complemented each other so well on that. The drums, Slash's great guitar, the bass, Izzy and of course Axl, who was at his peak. Pure Quality throughout. Pink Flyod are the undisputed kings tho.
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Almost every bands produced by Rick Rubin ( Red Hots, Metallica...)
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I actually think of Yellow. I was listening to them the other day and the quality and sound just amazes me everytime I hear it.
The Devin Townsend Band (Strapping Young Lad as well), Porcupine Tree (any of Steven Wilsons stuff), Katatonia, Loreena Mckennitt.