hey guys,

me and my band are going to dothis song for a talet show or whatnot. (laid to rest) it all sounds good, but ourtiming is a bit off. any tips or aything on how to get everyone on track and on time? i was thinking maybe a metranome. but if any of you have seen that wont work, tell me, and other stuff to help.
yeah use a metranome, use it seperately first, figure out, okay we'll play at this bpm, and the split up and work on it over the week, come back, and it should be good, you can play the song with the whole band with the metronome too
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yeah using a metronome would help but also how many band members are in your band? It's usually good to get guitars to play in sync (if you have two of them) and the bass and drums going together.
A metrenome would do it, but, correct me if i'm wrong, shouldn't the drummer have at least a slight mastery of the whole timing thing? I myself play guitar, but my Mum plays the drums and she can play anything. Hardcore, but she listens to country, she listened to rock back in the day though.
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Also try simplifying each persons part until it starts to sound like a groove. A lot of musicians especially if they haven't been playing awhile are guilty of overplaying. You know, the old saying about what you don't play is just as important as what you do play. "Let the music breathe."

Just for a test have your drummer start off, playing just a straight beat (no fills or fancy stuff). Then add the bass, same thing, keep it simple. Then guitars. At any point along the way if the whole thing doesn't sound like its in sync, if you can't feel the groove, then stop and figure out why. Then have everyone, one at a time, again starting with the drummer, go back to their original (non-simplified) parts. See if you can figure out where it stops becoming a groove and starts sounding like mush.