Ive got a crapy begginers guitar thats on its last leg so i want to do somthin nice with it. Only problem is that i don't know how to take it apart and put it back together. Do any of you know any websites with in structions how to do this or could you give me instructions. I'll need fairly detailed instructions caus i havent done stuff like this before. Diagrams would also be helpfull.
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take the strings off, then its just a simple "unscrew every bastard screw thats in it" job
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I've done the 'take every screw' out but then all the electrics fell out so i crammed them back in and screwed it all back quickly
What kind of guitar is it? For the most part, just take all the screws out and if they're different sizes make sure to keep the same size ones together so it'll be easier to remember where they go come time to reassemble.
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i guess strat copy..... all the electronics should come out with your pickguard....

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Find someone nearby with some soldering and woodworking experience to help you. Even if it's a strat copy the input jack leads need to be desoldered and later resoldered. Undo "everydamnscrew" but keep them all seperate and labelled ie: PG screws, neck screws, bridge screws, etc... Most inexpensive guitar paints are polyurethane, so get yourself some good poly stripper, and sand paper. Repainting over a gloss coat will result in much sucking. Use a good primer, and lots of it. DON'T USE LATEX PAINTS ! I've used acryllic, enamel, laquer, and poly, but latex is for condoms. A few layers of color and a few more of clear, and make sure they have plenty of time to dry. Then you'll be glad you remembered to label all your screws.

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thanks everyone. ive finished taking apart now, how do i go about taking the paint and finish off. Also if you know off andy sort of "hippie " parters you know the purply green hazy sort of thinbg thats what im thinking of painting on it so and designs you couldpost wopuld be apreciated
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