well i was listening to some ozzy last night, and on some songs like Tomorrow from ozzmosis, when hes singing the line "you dont have to leave the lights on, im so used to being blind" theres an effect that happens produced by the guitar, i think
it happens 5 times,

f anyone could help, also at the beginning of hellraiser, before a word is sung, it happens 4 times, during some playing, sorry for the vague discription, but id ont know hwo to esplain it.

also, ive been taking guitar lessons for about 6 months, where is an average person at? ive almost gotten through 2 books and i am working on playing aint talkin about love by van halen all the way through, i can play it easily but not together. also i can play some other simple riffs. but where is an average person at for about 6 months, and a year? when i get there

i would like to see how i am doing, i think im doing good, im 13 and i have school, so i cant practice how i want to, i get about an hour+ a day tho~ or try~
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average person after 6 months ... hmmm ... i've been playing 9 months and i'm comfortable with powerchords, some soloing, pinch harmonics, working on doing bends properly (mine are a bit out of tune) and be able to play some of their favourite songs at their own pace. after 9 months i'm very at peace with guitar and really enjoying it, i think at 6 months i was slowly becoming at peace with it, but there were parts of it that were still being difficult.
Since Zakk Wylde played on those songs, i have no doubt in my mind you are talking about Pinch Harmonics. Very easy to do and lots of articles can be found in the lessons section of the UG main page.
Quote by _guitar_hero_
but where is an average person at for about 6 months, and a year?

The average person is in exactly the same place you are: where they should be
given how well (not necessarily how much) they've practiced. So, you're right
on schedule. At some point you'll hopefully reach the conclusion it doesn't
really matter where everyone else is.
I have also been playing for 9 months, and am getting very comfortable in my playing. There is no "where should I be?" though because different people go different routes with it. What I can tell you is in my 9 months, I have learned power-chords, basic a-g in major and minor (but want to learn others), and can play alot of simple riffs. (Although I'm attempted solo's like Sweet child o'mine and Eruption!lol). You will notice that in time, your fingers get stronger, harder and ever more easier to manipulate-in practice of course.
I've average around 1 hour a day.Personally, I think that once you've completed like your first year, the next years to come will seee much faster progress, as it won't be as hard to pick up on things.
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