I think the Epiphone Custom plus and Gibson Special faded around the same price. What one would you pick if you were given a choice?
I chose Gibson, and I love my guitar, but I've heard better things about high-end Epiphone than low-end Gibson.
That's a toughy but I agree with Jmt. I'd have the Epi, as it's one of the best (apart from elitist), and I have vertually the same guitar. It plays very well, so Epi.
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I'd get an Epi Elitist.
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Depends what sound you're going for really, but IMO I'd take the Gibson, not because I have one, just because I love their rawness
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I'd get an Epi Elitist.

epi elitist ftw.....
i have an elitist standard (but its discontinued) and they are good guitars
I'd go with the one that isn't a piece of sh*t.

I'm for Epi all the way on this one.
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yeah, the gibson one sucks balls, at least for a gibson, and is NOT worth that price, i'd go with epiphone all the way, much better quality looks and features for the price