Hey, i don't know if this has been done, but who your fav. groups that you discovered in the last year or so. for me its
32 Leaves
V Shape Mind
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I didn't know, didn't know your a psycho!
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Umphrey's McGee. I've been getting in to jam bands lately and their guitarists are so talented.
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When you see this, you are going to laugh and think I've been under a rock all my life, but it goes to show that when you dig into older stuff, you find some really good music...Iron Maiden
We Are Scientists
Mars Volta

i already knew muse and mars volta before, but never really got into them.

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Sebadoh, if you like grunge/dinosaur Jr/sonic youth check them out.

The bassist from Dino Jr is their bassist/guitarist
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silvertide, shinedown, buckcherry.
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tool, a perfect circle, coheed & cambria, bloc party, incubus, jerry cantrell, alice in chains, the kooks machine head, pantera (seems so long ago, but still think it was thi year) radiohead, smashing pumpkins, stone sour
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Sebadoh, if you like grunge/dinosaur Jr/sonic youth check them out.

The bassist from Dino Jr is their bassist/guitarist

I've been meaning to look into them, but I haven't yet.

Lately I like Death from Above 1979, although they are no more.
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Most of the bands I grew to like recently I already had known but had never gotten into.
I really got into Rise Against like last November, never realized how much better they are than other modern punk bands.

THE HUMAN ABSTRACT- I am so glad I found them, they are just a really solid metal band, and their guitarists are crazy good.

The Almost, they really haven't been around that long.

Time-Lapse Consortium.
Amon Amarth
Threat Signal
Shook Ones
The Sounds of Animals Fighting
The Dear Hunter
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A Perfect Circle, Nightwish
Wenn die Nack einfällt
bedeckt sie die Welt
mit undurchdringlicher Dunkelheit.
Kälte steigt vom boden auf
und verpestet die Luft
hat das Leben neue

Burzum "Dunkelheit"