ok im not thinking of getting a new amp for a long time but im told by people on this alot that mine isnt good even though i personally love it so i was wondering what is agood one to go for im talking amazing distortion and clean that isnt incredibly expensive.
The Vox Valvetronix amps are amazing. You can get everything from great clean tones and 60´s tones to really brutal distortion. They also have built in effects, and you can tweak them a whole lot.
They're really cheap too, and since they have tubes, they sound alot better than most of the other amps in their price range, i think.
well it will need to be a stack because i play alot of live shows and at the moment i play a line 6 spider II stack that i love but the distortion does put me of alot but the clean i love. any other ideas?
Get a Vox Valvtronix. Nuff Said
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Get a valve combo, you don't really need a stack, a combo will be fine and loud enough, and sound a lot better.

Vox AC30.
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Just got the Vox AD50VT for $250. IT ROCKS!!!
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Just got the Vox AD50VT for $250. IT ROCKS!!!

any model in the advt series rocks.

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