I want a neck pickup that has a very good solo sound ( Sweeping, Etc.)
And i want a bridge(lead) that can sound either very heavy or very cutty(trebly)

I was thinking of Dimarzio's or possibly Duncans.
Im not so much a fan of the EMG's ( I play through SS and i had the neck pickups on EMGs)
EMGs are gay. I would use Dimarzios because Duncans are just either too bassy or too trebley and I can't stand that ****. I use a Dimarzio Tone Zone in my MIA Fat strat
a rio grande punchbox sounds like it would work well for that application
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Dimarzio: Evo's
Duncans: Jazz/JB, maybe Full Shred..
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i definatly agree with the warthogs, my mate has a pair installed in on his Jackson dinky, and im getting a pair on venoms installed on my EX-50 soon, and they are of a great quiality and have a really great sound
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