Ok I'm stuck in a muddle for which amp to buy. I'm looking at a Marshall MG15 watt stack, but i'm not sure. I won't buy it till' christmas as that's when I'll have the money. I will probably have between £100 and £150. I am looking for an amp that sounds amazingly good for that price range. I play rock like Guns N' Roses, Coheed and Cambria, Metallica (Ok that's metal), Red Hot Chili Peppers, Greenday, etc. o I want an amp that will sound good on the clean channel for my Chilli's and some GnR like November Rain, and is also goods on Overdrive/Distortion for songs like Sweet Child O' Mine, A Favor House Atlantic, and that sort of stuff.

All help appreciated.

Also, I am not buying online, I'm buying in either my local store or a big store in my town that has a huge range of amps, but please leave online links if u can so I can read it up.

All help appreicated
then you're busted.
there ain't no amp that's good on clean AND overdrive/distortion.
Fender = brilliant clean
Marshall = brilliant Distortion/overdrive

that's because their end kick or somethin.

you should check out Mesa or somethin' they 've got reasonable both.
Ok.. I'll probably use distortion more so can anybody reccomend me a Marshall?
Maybe the vox, I'd be surprised if no one mentions it before me, but they are good. Not for distosion though I don't think.
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Get a Vox Valvetronix, and don't look back.
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