what do you feel is the greatest guitar piece every written, it can be a solo, riff, or even a whole song/album, im just bored and curious about what you like. Mine are probably jimi hendrix - star spangled banner and joe satriani - midnight
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Get him into blues. Lyrical depth-not so much. But it is groovy and it is black people's music so if he doesn't enjoy then he is not a true black person.

I like the E note - it's pretty neat.
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I like the E note - it's pretty neat.

i dno like, i'm quite partial to the Em chord :]
little wing, voodoo child (slight return), voodoo chile (blues jam) machine gun, pali gap- hendrix

lenny, dirty pool- SRV

tender surrender- steve vai

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i love little wing and practically all of coheed and cambrias songs
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The last solo of November Rain by Slash is pure genious. I also love Tony Clarkin's (Magnum) improvisation stuff, but it differs from show to show.
I'd say sweet child o' mine solo.
Stairway to heaven solo.
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This is like, 'who is the greatest guitarist', or 'greatest band', everyone has their own opinions, one person may say, something by Malmsteen, one may say something far far slower and less complex like a Nirvana solo.

Personally I think Steve Vai's work is sometimes ethereal....
Extreme II: Pornograffiti
by Extreme
Is a great album and showcases Nuno Bettencourt's guitar skills amazingly.
far beyond the sun - yngwie malmsteen
holy wars... the punishment due - megadeth
mr crowley - ozzy osbourne (Randy Rhoads)
Eugenes Trick Bag - Steve Vai
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Every single album by Racer X.
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yeah, I suffered deep emotional scars when I learned that easter was in fact about jesus, and not a giant bunny sneaking into peoples houses uninvited
Steve Vai - For The Love of God
Steve Vai - The Audience is Listening

The G3 Jam - Little Wing
I'm gonna go with Hendrix's rendition of Star Spangled Banner as well, but also Maggot Brain by Eddie Hazel with the band Funkadelic, with the producer who is quoted in my sig
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SRV - Lenny, Riviera Paradise, and Little Wing.

Deftones - Minerva

Satch - Starry Night, Always With Me Always With You, Ceremony, and Super Colossal.

Clapton/Allman - Layla

Dime - Floods, that 10-20 second outro at the very end. Great.

Vai - For The Love Of God, Bad Horsie, and I Know You're Here.
Eugenes Trick Bag - Steve Vai. crazy **** dude
srvs little wing is great too.
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Larry Lalonde's playing in Hamburger Train by Primus is the most amazing thing i have ever heard a person do on a guitar. i shall henceforth dedicate my life to emulating ler
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