Ok guys ive had my peavy classic 30 for a while now and dont get me wrong its a good amp for the price but when I bought it I was going through my old school blues phase and now that ive moved on to other types of genres I cant seem to get the sound out of it that im looking for. It might be because I keep my amp usually around 2 on volume because it gets really loud after that, but would that have anything to do with it? Should I raise the volume of the amp and lower the volume on my guitar or keep the amp volume low and the guitar volume on 10? Im really into Paul Gilbert right now so I need something that can stretch from shred type stuff to somewhere in the field of shadows fall. So I guess what im asking is, is there a better SS or tube amp out there for more modern types of music than my pc30 or should I be able to get these types of sounds out of my pc30 and the fault lies in me. For a new amp im looking around maybe the 5 to 6 hundred prcie range, so does anyone have any suggestions? I dont care so much as watts as I do tone since I wont be gigging with this amp.
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Ok im tired of editing, Ill just ask here, would it be worth to give up the pc30 for something like the vox 5o watt amp, forgot what its called the valvetronix or something like that. I know it comes with amp models and effects built in but would it be a good home practice amp for more modern type stuff?
Not really, it doesn't do the higher gain stuff brilliantly, it'd probably either be better to get a few pedals for your amp, or just to get a new amp (valve combo)
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ive tryed a ton of pedals to get it, is there a paticular pedal you would suggest for the high gain type stuff?