hey, i was wondering if anyone would know how to properly adjust the intonation on a epiphone les paul, the last two strings are so out of tune, when I play the 12th fret on the bottom e string it is flat by like a half step, it's so brutal. i can get the first 4 strings close to the proper tuning but still most of them are a bit flat. can someone please help me? i haven't been able to play in days and i`m just dying to play
Is it a standard tuneomatic bridge ? and what adjustments have you done so far.
Half a step does seem a long way off !
If your strings are old (like black) it could be because of that
i had the same problem with my les paul
i`m pretty sure its a tune-o-matic bridge but i`m not exactly sure. my strings are old but there not old enough for this crap to happen. it's like the bridge is too high or too low and when I set the action to my preference I can't get the strings intonated, my bridge saddles don't make the strings short enough I believe..
I have the same problem on the high E string on my Epiphone Les Paul. On the 12th fret the what should be an E is now an Eb.
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