hey guys..

i have a v-amp2 from behringer,and its not bad,i like it,but i want to make me sound like pantera,like dimebag sounds in walk,i cant get it,anyone knows how?
Would really woult be nice to know!

i got a V-amp2 too, and im looking for the same effect >_< hope someone finds out
What's your current setup? Like guitar-wise.
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get a krank and a dean
Edit: and the seymour dime pickup
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bass: 7

mid: 4

treble: 10

gain: 10

bridge pickup

That's probably the closest you're going to get with a basic setup.
ive had the same problem ive tried alot of things to get the sound but i have a schecter so that might be part of it not having the same guitar
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even though dime used the Krank amps in the later years, he recorded most of his best songs (i.e. Walk, Cowboys) using a solid state. But you need a crunchy high gain sound. You might want to mess with your distortion (i have a v-tone, its distortions not great but it might be similar to the V-amp) until you find the right sound. But you may want to invest in a pedal.
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ok,i'l test it later,bec. i have to go to school know,missed 2 hours ,didnt wanted to go..
i'l tell ya later if it helped..
and i also thought that i should by a pedal,but i dont know which is good and close to his sound,i have to guitars,there both not best,but at least good for me and cheap !



so,btw all you guys think harley benton is not good,this is mostly right,but i bought on,the 1. one and its just great,its sound really good,the flyod rose is good,and it feels great..!!

well..to get a pantera sound..id use a randall SS....a guitar with the BL pup he used...his tone wasnt that great....it was his skill that made him sound good...(plus that tone dont work great when playing with more than one guitar (like 2 guitarists)..it turns to mud
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Wow,the first guitar in the picture above is nice,any details?What's the brand?
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well,how i said,its a harley benton..it looks not just great,it feels great,plays great,sounds great and such a cheap guitar
and the pups are select by EMG,although they are good,i want to buy a dimebucker and a new amp!bec. i play through a hifi system !!

i go now and test the settings,yeah and i know that it was almost his playing,but i want that crunchy kinda aggresive sound..
and dime is the best
nah i wouldnt say the dimebucker like said before a Bill Lawrence if you relaly wanna nail the Dimebag tone. and yeh you might want an amp
so i finally got it,its really pretty close
but whats the tuning for the song dropd?
ok here are the settings with v-amp2:
rectified hi gain
Volume 100%
Master 100%
Gain 100%
Treble 100%
Presence 100%
Mid 40%
Bass 70%

so this is the closed what i could get and sounds good so far,if you dont know how to set your v-amp2 like this,just ask
i like the tone hahaha
For a pedal, you could try the Krank Distortus Maximus.