I started playing Double Bass in my school's band, and I was just curious about hand positioning. My 2 questions are

1. Does the fretting hand act as it would with electric bass

2. When playing pizzicato (finger-style) do you -pluck with the tips of your fingers or the sides?

Thanks in advance guys
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well you use the side of your index for quarter notes... index, middle, and ring fingertips only for triplets and 8th/ 16th notes

and yes the fretting hand is the same except you have to know the positions, and have good intonation (you probably wont be able to use your pinky if the action is too high)
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1. Yes, the fretting hand has the same kind of motion. however, you will only want to cover about 3 frets worth of space at a time(example: 1st finger on A,second/third on Bb and Fourth on B on the G string). Use you ring finger to help out your pinky sometimes, if you have trouble getting it right.

2. It will give you a better oomph sound if you can play with the side of your finger, but not the whole side. Just the side of the 1st and smallest joint, if you get what I mean. If you're playing jazz, you need that kinda sound (Beware of blisters though ). In an orchestral setting, or if you need much greater speed, you can use the tips.

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Thanks a bunch, but just so I get it right I keep my middle and ring finger together so it's really like three fingers? I tried that and It was really hard but my music teacher said I could use 4 seperate fingers if i so desired.

This doesn't seem so bad.

EDIT : And why is it I would only want to cover 3 frets worth of space?
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If you keep them kinds together, it is easier to hit the note where the 3rd fret would be in 1st position. If you have the two fingers working independently, it might be harder to hit the same spot with different fingers, but it could work. When you have them spread out to play the note where the 4th fret would be in 1st position, they can be spread out if you want, doesn't matter too much. If you try to cover more than three frets worth of space in say 1-4th positions, you will strain your whand and have a much higher posibility of playing out of tune or buzzing.
The finger positioning is very similar, but more shifting and longer stretches. Use the sides of your finger for longer notes, but 8th and 16th notes use the tip.
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