Hey guys, I did a little searching but couldn't find specifically if this is possible.

All the guitars I've seen veneered have had defined edges so that it was easy to make the veneer into body look seamless.

I'm thinking of veneering my friend's strat, but unlike the ones I've seen done before, the edges of a strat are rounded.

Would it be possible to still make this look like a seamless top?

It would be a burst so if I sanded down the edges to be flush, you wouldn't notice in the coloring...

would that work?
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That would work, I think. If you put on the veneer, then sand it so that it follows the body contours. Then let the dark part of the burst cover the veneer seem. Are you going to sand down the whole top first to account for the extra thickness of the veneer? Sounds like a fun project. Good Luck.

Check out this link for cool ideas about inexpensive painting, in the pics he's doing similarly to what you're doing with an ash veneer.

yes it will work. im assuming your stripping the body and starting from bare wood, that would b a good idea if you havent considered that. regardless all you need to do is put the veneer on, there are a few different adhesives and methods you can use (contact cement, epoxy, veneer glue) when its on and dry just sand everythign smooth and apply stains/dyes as you normally would, cover with a sealer (use grain filler depending on the wood and desired finish)and clear over it. if you are using paint for the outer ring do that bfore the clear but after the sealer. it will cover the seam of the veneer best. but you dont have to paint it to make it look nice. if you wanna go "fancy" use a walnut (or other dark wood) veneer and then cover it with another veneer ...maple, etc. you will end up with a sharp looking pinstripe style "binding" all around the contours of the body. add multiple layers if you want.

good luck with the project
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