okay been playin an acoustic for about a month now and i am dyin for an electric. so i been lookin around on the net every chance i get. okay my two choices rite now are the epi sg special begginers pack or buy a dean mlxm and buy a crate amp sepreate.
what should i do. the music i plan on playing is metal, pantera is my favorite band so thats why i was looking at the dean. metal like metallica, pantera, seether, alice in chains (yeah i no kinda grunge) and of course the 70s and 80s rock like acdc.
so what should i get.
Personally I think any guitar that comes with an amp is asking for trouble.
Most important thing is how it feels to you, so dont buy one without playing it first. You probably wanna look at something with Dual Humbuckers if you're a metalhead. Mahaghany is a good body wood for those deep tones. And you have to decide if you want a tremolo system or not. Look around at Epiphones, and Ibanez and stuff. I play a lot of metal and I use an epiphone goth explorer, it's pretty tight but you gotta replace the pickups; though you may have to do that anyway. EMG 81's and 85's are frickin great.
but what about the dean mlxm. because i love the looks and thats the sound im goin for. and sorry i really dont like the looks of an ibanez. and no tremelo doesnt really matter.
buy the dean if thats your thing,if that guitar catches your eye it will make you wanna play it more.......dean makes good stuff usually, but dont you dare buy that epiphone garbage, that would be like giving them money to make you sound like an idiot
alrite guys im gonna buy the dean. so now my problem is what amp to buy. i was lookin at buyin the transtube 112 (i think thats the rite number). is this a good amp. if not what would be another good option. i can only spend 100 bucks on an amp.
im gettin the dean. i just wanna know what amp will be best with it
You mean the transtube bandit 112? Thats a good amp. I started playing with a bandit myself. Of course that was a long while ago and they didnt have any of this tube emulation technology.
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sorry guys i told yall the wrong amp. i was looking at the rage 158. also the roland cube looks nice but out of my price range
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I say if you want a good, cheap, starter guitar, Epiphone G-310 (SG copy). It's not the greatest guitar ever, but it really is a good starter guitar that can hold up until you can get a new one. As for an amp, again, it's nowhere near the greatest thing ever, but a Fender Frontman. You'll get tired of it when you get more experienced about a year or more from now, but this is probably one of the best starter setups you could try and get.

A little more expensive amp could be used, but if you can't spend a whole lot, this is what I would choose.
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i love the looks

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Looks aren't the important thing on the guitar. Before you buy one, test them. If the Dean feels less comfourtable and plays worse, you shouldn't buy it for the looks. And don't you ever, and I mean EVER, buy a Warlock. Looks are all it's got.

EDIT: And it doesn't even look that good

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A mexican strat with a peavey 112 trans tube amp. I have a friend that started with a mexican strat and it did him real good for about 2 or 3 years. Now hes awesome. And the 112 trans tube amp from peavey is a great choice as it will last a long time and its good for intermediate/experienced players too.
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Wtf? You want a good one?
Lol, just get a guitar and ****ing play it.

Slash's first guitar was a 1 string Acoustic guitar that his grandma gave him. He started to **** play guitar with one ****en string!

Also, Jimi Hendrix first guitar was a 4 string Ibanez that his dad bought him for $5!

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If You Want A Real Guitar, Get An Ibanez Gio(jet Black Is Best), Or A Warlock(black,yellow,maroon)! It's The Best Man!!!

Agreed I got one of those, its 3 years old and still going, along with my Crate GX-15 amp I've had no problems with my gear.
I know you already said you hated the shape of Ibanez guitars (stratocasters) I just had to say...my RG321 just arrived earlier today and I love it. First electric guitar

It was only 380 Canadian but the hardcase was like 90 bucks itself.
you need to give us a budget man. try a squier(i like them there good beginner guitars stfu) a epiphone. or a ibanez. look around on musicansfriend.com for stuff as for the amp. roland micro cube is perfect. i kinda started on a frontman there good for beginners. i upgraded to a cube 60 though
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srry guys, my budget for the guitar is 200 bucks and about 80 for the amp.