i;m trying to change the strings on my acoustic guitar. i got the ends out of the tuners, then i hit a problem at the bridge. the pins holding in the strings have proven to be extremely difficult to take out. I would just use a brute force method but im worried that doing so will rip out the bridge along with it. Is this normal? can i just try to pull the pins until they come out?
i usually use a table knife and put thumb on one side and knife on other and wiggle upwards slowly whilst usuing thumbe to push down on bridge. ive been doin this ever since i started and never left a mark. plus u can buy better replacement bridge pins that give u better tone if u cack it up anyway and there not expensive. ive seen a proper tool to do it but never seen one for sale.
They make a pin pulling tool for that exact purpose.

Yes you can pull on the pins until they come out, just be a little careful.
With your strings off, reach into the soundhole and push the pins out from the bottom. If it hurts your fingers becuase you have to push too hard put a towel between your finger and the pin as a cushion before you push them out.
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If you've got one one of those tuning peg winders it probably has a little slot on it for removing the pins, mine does. They cost about two bucks or so, and they're usually like up on the counter in a jar at most music stores.
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ok thanks for the info guys. im gonna go down to my guitar shop sometime soon and i'll pick up some kind of peg remover. my tuning winder doesnt have a thing for pins so im gonna have to get a new one.
I have that one, works great. Got it for 1.99 at my local music store.
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