hi i'm having trouble with my floyd on my jackson the bridge is too low into the guitar therefore the wahmmy can't be pulled back at all almost. is there any easy way (or way in gerneral to fix this
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Tune your guitar down a step to release some tension. Open the back of your guitar. There are springs back there. Take one out. You'll probably have to readjust your action, truss rod, and bridge.
There's no need to remove the springs. Check the back of you trem cavity and loosen the 2 claw screws. Approximately when your bridge is lifted a bit, retune back to your desired pitch.
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Um you mean the bridge isnt setup right?
Sounds like you need to adjust the springs at the back.
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adjust the truss rod because the bridge isnt level? LoL no dont do that.

adjust your action, this can affect the sound of your strings, so go ahead and get that, because the action doesnt ever move...usually anywayz...

Basically like mad and scott said, lossen the springs untill its level..ish...then retune it....and see how its sitting...if it is close use only 1/4 turns, tune it, and repeat.
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