Why did you decided to drop tune/tune lower than E standard? What do you like about it?

I play in C standard because it's giving me a lot of low end, and since the body of my guitar is made out of mahogany, it fits well. I like it because it's easy to solo and make big bends while still having a big, chunky sound.
Db Standard (And drop B when dropped) - Not so common, gives a nice heavy sound. Oh, and I like the Dimebag.
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tbh i only ever use drop tuning's when i wanna learn a song that involves it, whenever i write i use standard
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I usually play in E standard for the most part, but I have other tunings.

E standard with a flatted low E string: for songs that need the flatted low E, but so I don't have to keep on changing my tuning 24/7.

Halfstep down: for many songs that are much easier to play in this tuning, than the above.

Drop D: I hardly use it, really, but some songs use it so I do too. I also use Drop Db for other songs.
drop d. makes playing in dminor sound better cuz u can get that low D in there
I usually tune to either drop D or C# and every now and then C. Ive written a song in C and most of the stuff i play/wanna learn is in drop D or C# and i just love drop tunings cuz of the speed you can change powerchords and stuff with...but thats just basic knowledge right? And i go to A# or A sometimes too just for fun and play some BB stuff
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I like Eb cause it almost gives it a minorish touch. But I dont really know why.

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i play quite alot in drop d standard because it gives a meatier sound than the natural e position but still alows the frredom to solo as if in the natural e position. i also like to drop to c sometimes as i am big bullet for my valentine fan and like to play along to their songs and write songs of a similar style
I always play in drop D, ithink it started when I got into Lamb of God, I started writing my own stuff around that time and every thing I write is in Drop D. I only tune standard now when I'm playing covers that are in standard.
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E standard. Open E for slide. Open Dm for metal (at least, the stuff I write), Drop D for stuff that needs it. Open G sometimes, for slide or songs.

I love open tunings.
Db Gb Cb Fb Ab Db

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Also whenever i use a 7-string (friend's or GC's)


but I'm in standard tuning or Drop-D right now..cant remember
I tune to Eb 'coz it matches my voice a little better, and also so I can play along to Hendrix and AIC
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Well, i played in D# standard and C# dropped, but now i go half step even lower at D standard and Drop-C. I went to D# and C# to play Linkin Park at first, then someone started using a half step back that i know, so i went to D and C. I now use it only becouse its lower and it sounds deeper, you know? but i use capos to match other tunings.
I play in drop D and standard about equally. I've been playing in D alot more lately. I think alot of people play in drop D because it makes it easier to write. Like I've heard people say "I can't write anything in standard."
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I like drop tunings since you get two extra lower notes without "sacrificing" any higher ones, plus the quick powerchords of course. Just the general feel of it.

Lately, I've been playing in drop C# which is mostly because I like the slightly lesser string tension, and now that I've written a tons of songs with it, I'm kinda stuck with it. Also, you can play both E, D and C tuning stuff without changing tuning, but without sounding too "off".
i really only like writting songs in drop D..its starting to sound funky when i de- tunes...probubly cuz i dont intunate when i de tune....but i like the extra crispness you get from the standard..but i like the low end of a Dropped D...and yes im a huge metal fan...metal isnt all about detuneing...look at dimmu borgir
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